RASPBERRY PI EXPERIMENT 13: Anemometer based on sensors F200-201/2 v2

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Experiment Goals:

1. Create one more anemometer instance after the first was installed

2. Optimize power delivery cirquit by externalizing of main AC-DC converter and using new very small DC-DC converter.


Definitely with that power solution the contents of the electronics box looks much more clean.


  • new component was used for 5V to 12V conversion up: mini DC-DC Boost Module Converter 3V 3.3V 5V to 12v 1200mA Step-up (ebay)


Previous anemometer instance was installed near Tavor mountain


Some pictures from that location:

IMG-20160212-WA0002 IMG-20160212-WA0003 IMG-20160212-WA0007 IMG-20160212-WA0017

This is how the process of new anemometer instance building was look like:

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