Healthy Life-Style for me



  • at home: checking FASTING blood sugar/glucose levels from time to time
  • at home: checking blood pressure
  • at home: controlling weight
  • at home: ketone and pH(accidity) levels can be tested with home test strips
  • frequent checkups with doctor and blood testing for basic parameters (including lipid profile [cholestedrol, tryglicerides] )

NOLE. Different multimeters are available for home use to measure: ketones, glucose, hemoglobin, cholesterol,uric acid:


  • eating fewer -> light/intermittent/periodic fasting -> autophagy (cell level cleansing). Fasting lowers inflamation by 1) not eating toxins 2) ketons are anti-inflamatory. metabolic flexibility (Dave Asprey) – changing of eating patterns from time to time to make body ready to get energy from any source available (sugar or ketons). Senescent cells are cells that stopped dividing consecuently slowing corresponding tissue renewal and ageing. One of the best-known ways to remove senescent cells is by stimulating autophagy, essentially a process where our cells digest themselves. By fasting, cells are encouraged to initiate the autophagy process (without adverse side effects) and clear out those unwanted senescent cells. Some dietary supplements also stimulate autophagy with other beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, which include resveratrol, curcumin, and spermidine. Because senescent cells spread inflammation at the systemic level through pro-oxidant and pro-inflammatory signals, foods rich in polyphenols, which exert antioxidant and antiinflammatory effects, have the promise to be utilized as “anti-senescence foods” in a nutraceutical approach to healthier aging.
  • sleep -> growth hormone -> cell-level repair
  • Hormesis enzimes + epigenetic clock & DNA metylation ( by dr. David Sinclair, dr. Kara Fitzgerald):
    • sirtuins (red wine/ resveratrol, etc.) -> DNA repair () -> aging reversal
    • glucose control -> AMPK enzime -> Metformin Type2 diabetis drug (also cancer-prevention) -> energy levels control
    • mTOR -> insulin/proteins sensing
  • movement and physical stress (getting out of breath [80% max heart rate] -> growth hormone -> essential for repair mechanisms (as bone tissue repair, muscule mass maintenance etc.). Physical excercise (PE) attenuates the age-associated waning of maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and functional weakening of various organ. PE curbs the age-related deterioration of the cellular housekeeping system such as the proteasome, autophagy, mitophagy, and DNA repair systems, which positively impact multiple organ functions. Muscule is about metabolic rate at rest (mTOR [muscle protein synthesis] is triggered by >2.5g Leucine, Leucine is key to longevity protein; 2.5g is in about 30 gram of high-quality/dense animal/vegan protein).
  • gradual life-long transition in right direction… no self-shaming for failures

FOOD (recommendations)

  • Mostly plant-based eating, including plant-based proteins (which are not sufficient by nature due to incomplete chains of amino-acids)
  • Quality full-amino-chain animal proteins priority: 1) mostly sea fish 2) chicken several times a week 3) red meat – rare to offset b12
  • Food reach in dietary fiber
  • No juices at all (natural/artificial): only whole fruits in LIMITED daily amount: 2 fruits a day MAX
  • Fresh Olive Oil in salads
  • No cooked oils at all (from animal or plant). They change their structure at high temperatures
  • No animal oils
  • Almost 0 sweets and SWEETENERS… 1 cube of 70% and higher dark chocolate from time to time
  • Cooked tomatoes (and other cancer prevention foods; resveratrol by Dr. William W. Li)
  • Red wine every evening (sirtuins, resveratrol molecule, by dr. David Sinclair)
  • Supplement: Fitosterols (drink/capsules)
  • Supplement: supplements stimulating autophagy with other beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and nervous systems: resveratrol, curcumin, and spermidine.


  • Moving daily as much as possible: walks/jog (we need body working and impact on bones for regeneration). Walking during phone calls, standing work-place.
  • Excersising several times a week to get out-of-breath. Interval training (with pulse peaks and drops) has more health benefits than long static effort
  • Muscule strengts is essential
  • Joints – stretching
  • Contrast (Cold/Hot) showers for
  • Breathing excercises (example: Wim Hof breathing method)
  • Swimming
  • Daily sunlight exposure (not burning)


The most promising antioxidants currently in clinical trials for treating cognitive dysfunction in aging and AD include resveratrol (RESV) and curcumin (CUR). Both RESV and CUR are safe, well-tolerated and beneficial with minimal side effects.

  • Resverathrol – increases muscle turnover, lipid metabolism, and accumulation of long-chain saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated free fatty acids, and produced beneficial alterations in gut microbiota; efficient for reducing blood pressure to normal levels; prevention of liver damage; improve memory performance;
  • Curcumin – improves sustained attention; improves memory performance; enhances mood and reduces fatigue;


  • Statins (source video, min 33-35)
    • high risk of Type2 Diabetis (due to harm done to cells’ insuline receptors and consecuent insuline resistance)
    • suppress cholesterol, tha tis vital for brain, which leads to gradual loss of memory and cognition over years
  • Diabetis -> a cause of unqureable Alzgeimer desease

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