Raspberry Pi Experiment 13: Few more experiments with batteries and order in wires

Today’s experiment goals:

– to check if smaller 3×1.2V (3x3Ah) Ni-ME battery array will charge better than 4×1.2V (4x3Ah) and if it will be enough to keep the anemometer alive
– to make order in the wires
– to recheck voltages given by the solar panels

Related experiments:


– the small battery pack turned as insufficient for keeping the┬ádevice alive even for few minutes

– the device was assembled with old battery pack of 4×1.8Ah Li batteries which was enough for 2 days of operation in the past

– the research on how to keep the device longer on solar energy will be continued

The report:

– 3×1.2V battery pack was built

– Other batteries also were fixed and recharged to be ready for the device assembling in case the small battery will be not sufficient

IMG_20150307_095033 IMG_20150307_094641


– order was made in the wires to make the maintenance easier and to ensure components don’t disconnect during assembling

IMG_20150307_161534 IMG_20150307_161824

– Voltages given by each panel and the whole solar array were measured





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