Baby steps

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Chosing Crypto-Currency Exchange:

There are 2 types of crypto-currency exchanges/markets

  • Centralized – supervised by developers and authotities, keeps and protects your security keys on the exchange
  • Decentralized (DEX) – non-supervised, you keep and protect your security keys yourself

Most popular, full-fledged/mature crypto exchange is Binance:

  • Has BTC and plenty of Alt-coins
  • allows purchasing with credit-card (from ISR or US bank)
  • allows earning on long-term stored coins
  • allows to buy some stocks wit crypto
  • has basic and pro user interfaces
  • works as on PC as on smart-mobile-devices
  • has its own blockchain and its crypto-currenc BNB, which provides 25% off if used for fees payment (default on the Binance app)
  • recently also introduced Binance Smart Chain on which ICOs/IDOs/IEOs are also announced from time to time (here or here among others).
  • etc.
  • cons: centralized (but good for beginning and getting acquainted with therminology and operations)
  • !!! IMPORTANT: once you create an account on Binance, take care to strenghten security by proactively adding several types of Two-factor-Authentication (2FA): Text Message, Google Authentification etc.
  • !!! BEWARE: Binance was hacked once. Hacker was able to drain only !3% of total assets (which shows, that binance keeps 97% on cold storage [retached from internet]). ALL money was repaid to Binance cutomers by Binance.

Tools for crypto-coins research:

  • – allows to see coin market cap (good indicator for the coin popularity) and markets/wallets on which this coin may be traded

Buying Crypto

  • Technical analysis (resitance/support/channel/other patterns) also works for crypto coins. also may be used for that (not only binance UI/APP)
  • Crypto-pair means which crypto may be bought with which and what is the trading rate. Example: BTC/USDT BTC may be bought with UDST and the rate is what appears in appropriate line of the UI/App. BTC/USDT ==BTCUSDT in
  • With Binance UI/App you can buy coins with credic card
  • Bought coins are added to the Wallet’s Spot (USDT for example) and from there may be used for buying other coins with theme (ETH/USDT for example) or converted through Trades/Convert path.
  • It’s recommended to buy stable coind in the beginning BTC/ETH/…
  • It’s recommended to buy and keep few BNB coins for getting fees 25% dicount
  • It’s recommended to keep some amount of USDT/USDC for the cases where money deposits are congested (during high volatility and pnics on markes). having USDT will allow you to buy the coin you want on it dip also at hard times
  • Altcoins may be bought using ETH through Markets/Spot (ALTS) tab.

Inicial Coin Offerings (ICOs) – crowd funding of new crypto-projects

Binance API

Live access of my Binance portfolio is enabled using Binance API:
PyCharm Project root:
Based on these links:


This is just a first attemp of using Binance API.
I’ll continue to elabore this project and beyond.
I believe the automation can help with screening and tracking as an amount of crypto-markets and cripto-coins is enormous.

My utility that sends mail on coin price up/down tick:

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