Health: Mountain Bike



MTB PATH RIDEN BY ME (alone with friends/family):


  • Maagan Michael
  • Haifa the flat
  • Kesariya
  • Rosh-Ha-Nikra through Akhziv to Naharia and back
  • Tel-Aviv Park HayarkonRamat-Ha-Hayal and back
  • Nahal Tsipori: paved; several directions (including to Yeshuv Shimshit), start and end at “Kafe 79”
  • Mayan Elroi and Kfar Ha-Hasidim (path) – use “Menu->Save – Share – Files” to download .gpx file for guidance on your watch. The extended path with stop at the riders’ cafe:
  • Kfar Yehoshua (half-path) NOTE: on our rides below my watch stopped working (hence – the direct line between start and the end, while we just went back almost same way as we ridden forward. NOTE: connects with Maayan-Elroi’s path

HEAT-UP RIDES (for riding after long periods of no-riding)

  • Khanaton (possible with kids at age ~11 and up). Path description with files
  • Yaar Kiryat-Ata: path with files to download
  • HaSolelim (path with files to download)
  • Shimshit: path with files to download
  • The beach + Tirat Carmel (my personal path – no files to download, except what available on Strava below for paid members)

TECHNICAL RIDES (with limb protection equipment)

  • Rish-Lakish: path wit hfiles for download
  • Alon HaGalil: path with files for download
  • Ha-Shluha (at Yaar Hof-Ha-Carmel, 20 min drive south to Haifa). Path with files to dowhload
  • Kerem Maharal at Yaar Hof-Carmel (gpx): path with downloadable files for diferent segments
  • Yaar Beeri (south of the country, near Netivot)

LONGER RIDES (with limb protection equipment)

  • Eyn Hashofet Hazorea. BLUE (~14km) and YELLOW (~13km) trails together => ~29km total. Note. During the ride below there was tree cutting on the Blue trail. So this area was blocked, and I made my way around. Thus the path I ridden is not exacly same as it appears on eyarok site.

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